Deckelman’s Locksmiths carry a wide range of high-security locking systems for your residence or business.

Here are a few of our more popular items:

[Item 1] Trilogy ® Access Control Locking Systems T3 Trilogy® Digital Locks with Audit Trail DL 3000 ·

  • 300 User Codes: Master, Manager, Supervisor and Basic Users
  • 4 programming levels
  • 4 user groups
  • 3-, 4-, 5- or 6-digit codes
  • Waterproof version (DL3000WP) has operating temperature -20ºF to 150ºF

[Item 2]
IEI DoorGard LS Series Access Control Locksets:

  • All users can have individual codes instead of being grouped
  • Allows grouping of users for selective lockout·
  • Master: allows access to programming 
  • Emergency: relocks door when in Toggle Mode 
  • Service-use codes can be erased from memory after one use 
  • Lockout: allows Manager to disallow access to Normal Users
  • Provides audio feedback if door is left open longer than acceptable

[Item 3]
Securitron DK-26WSS Digital Keypad System 

  • 5-amp DPDT relay to switch any type of fail-safe or fail-secure electric lock (or strike) ·
  • Programmable release time 1 to 99 seconds
  • Beeper and three LEDs for programming & operation feedback.
  • Power: 12 to 24 volts, AC or DC. Same power source typically operates the lock, so planning installation is simplicity itself.

The DK-26 operates a 5 Amp DPDT relay to switch any type of fail-safe or fail-secure electric lock (or strike).  Release time is programmable from 1-99 seconds. 

A beeper and three LEDs provide feedback during operation and programming.  Power for the DK-26 is 12 to 24 volts, AC or DC. 

Typically, the same power source is used to operate the lock, which makes planning the installation simplicity itself.  You can even employ an inexpensive AC transformer to operate a DC lock, as the DK-26 will convert AC to DC and supply it to lock.

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